How Do I Start Building a Healthier Lifestyle?

29 Oct 2018 no comments Joseph Cameron Categories Healthy ChoicesTags , , , , ,

So, you’re interested in a healthier lifestyle?  Food and drink are the easiest things to tackle when starting to take steps toward a healthier way of living, but you may be unsure as to how to proceed.  That’s okay, we can guide you.  You don’t need to follow a very specific diet to the letter.  You also don’t need to be afraid that eating healthy automatically means bland and boring.

There’s no need to stress yourself out over how to make better choices for yourself.  You can take a few small steps and incorporate them into your routine one at a time.  A few simple changes can have a great effect on your overall health goals.

Here are a couple examples of simple changes.  Let’s say you are a big fan of red meat…and you eat a lot of it.  Although it can be very nutritious, too much can be a bad thing.  If it’s a big part of your diet it can lead to heart disease or diabetes.  A simple switch here would be to use ground turkey in place of ground beef.  It’s a leaner meat, which means fewer calories and you can use it to moderate the amount of red meat you take in.

Another good switch you can make is to use fresh vegetables in place of canned.  Even though canned vegetables can be low on calories, they are loaded with an abundance of sodium.  High amounts of sodium can lead to high blood pressure.  It’s better to use fresh vegetables.  You can add the seasonings you like, and you control the amount of salt you add to your side dish.

If you feel like you may not have the time to plan out healthy meals for yourself, or you have such a full schedule that meal planning is an impossibility, don’t worry, 702 Prep can help and all you have to do is choose.

The team at 702 prep prepares, cooks, portions and delivers meals to you.  You read that correctly, we will prepare, cook and deliver food directly to your door.  In our efforts to help you meet your personal health goals, we’ve taken the work out of eating healthy.  We use fresh, quality ingredients in each meal we create.  Here’s what you do:

First, take a look at our menu items.  Decide how many meals you would like and add them to your cart.  We have a variety of items that you may find appealing.  We also do more than just dinner, we have breakfast and snack options available as well.

After you submit your order, we will prepare your meals on the Monday that follows.  Everything is made fresh from quality ingredients, portioned to provide proper levels of nutrition to carry you through your day, and then it is delivered to your home.

Our meals deliver proper nutrition needed to optimize your performance when taking on those long work days or making it through your next workout.  Quality, convenience and nutrition is delivered in every order.  What do you have to lose?  Give us a try!